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Jonite USA Decorative Grates come in a variety of modern, ornate or nature-inspired designs which are mostly ADA compliant.

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All Jonite USA Decorative Trench Grates have adjoining patterns designed to seamlessly connect to the adjacent grate. Most trench grates are also designed to comply with ADA (Americans with Disability Act) standards.
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Jonite Basin Grates are perfectly shaped to be compatible with the most common catch basins in the USA. Home owners are also able to match their Trench Grates with matching Basin Grate designs as well.
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Jonite Mini Grates have recessed grooves to snap to specific proprietary mini drain channels. The unique properties of Jonite mean that they are equally suited to last both indoor and outdoor applications.

In the business of manufacturing drain covers (grates), we realised many people do not appreciate the role of the sewerage system plays in our urbanization. Without the modern day sewerage system, we will not see mega cities like New York, London and Tokyo today.

The modern sewerage system removes and treats mind blowing amount of sewage every day across the world. What happens from the moment you flush the toilet or pour drain water down the sink?

Sewage from our homes and businesses enters the sewerage system through a series of underground pipes. Sewage generated by businesses are considered trade waste which is usually more contaminated than household waste and requires special treatment.

Sewage waste eventually reaches bigger pipes which transport the waste to treatment plants. The sewage pipes and drains are usually slopping downward – harvesting nature’s gravity to send sewage to treatment plants where pumps are used to bring the waste to ground level for treatment.

At the treatment plants, sewage is processed before being resupplied as recycled water or being discharged to rivers and seas. This network of drains and pipes are constantly working to supply our modern settlements with clean water and to properly process sewage waste – a traditional that Man has been practicing for thousands of years without which modern civilization can never be realized.

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With over 20 years of experience, Jonite is your partner in hardscape design. Contact us for your channel / trench grates inquiry
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Corporate Social Responsibility - We believe in sustainable development and we are your partner in green and sustainable design

As soon as clean water is used, it becomes wastewater, waste water needs to be processed and treated again – this non stop process gives life to our cities and the sewage system plays an important role in our ability to build great cities housing millions of city dwellers.

Jonite is proud to be part of this process that facilitates the development of great cities and beautiful landscapes. Our Jonite USA decorative grates come in a variety of modern, ornate or nature-inspired designs which are mostly ADA compliant

All of our Jonite USA decorative trench grates (drain covers) have adjoining patterns designed to seamlessly connect to the adjacent grate. Our trench grates are also designed to comply with ADA (Amercians with Disability Act) standards.

As a responsible corporate stakeholder who firmly believes in a green environment, Jonite is Green Label certified by the Singapore Environment Council and the Building and Construction Authority of Singapore's Green Mark scheme.

Through the LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) green building certification programme, the U.S. Green Building Council is transforming the built environment. As a member of the USGBC and with the usage of recycled content, Jonite products contribute toward satisfying MR Credit 4: Recycled Content under LEED®. The LEED® Green Building Rating System is the nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction and operation of high performance green building in the U.S.A.

The majesty of natural stone is perhaps best expressed by the magnificence of the stone castles of England. Inspired by the rustic appeal of natural stone, we wondered if the material could be used to make functional and beautiful grates.

With our eye for detail, exquisite craftsmanship and the infinite possiblities we offer in texture and colour, our engaging designs in gratings complement the vision of international architects and designers.


Why Choose Jonite Stone (reinforced) Decorative Grates?

Stone Aesthetics

Stone Aesthetics

Created from 95% natural aggregates and advanced hybrid polymers, Jonite architectural grates provide a finish which is both luxurious and natural to the touch.



The unique material properties of Jonite products which prevents rust and corrosion mean they are equally suited to last a lifetime for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Slip Resistant

Slip Resistant

Rough and natural matte surface enables tremendous slip resistance which are tested by international classifications. This provides a much-needed and unparalleled safety feature for schools and hospitals.



As designers and innovators, the last thing we want to do is stifle creativity. We believe that if you can envision it, we can create it, and with Jonite’s custom-made designs adding new dimensions to your vision, the possibilities are endless.

High Mechanical Properties

High Mechanical Properties

Jonite stone products have high mechanical properties such as high flexural strength, compressive strength, impact strength, low water absorption & low heat absorption. These impressive stats add to the overall quality and longevity of its products.

Unlimited Colours

Unlimited Colors

Jonite is available in a wide range of standard colors. More specialised colors are possible with unlimited color customization which allows Jonite to be calibrated to almost any hue or shade desired.



Reinforced with specially treated steel frames, the strength of Jonite grates are world acclaimed. Having coined the word 'stone(reinforced)' for the last two decades, Jonite gratings are compliant to international load standards.

Theft Resistant

Theft Resistant

Conventional steel and cast iron grates and castings are highly susceptible to theft due to rising scrap value worldwide. Jonite hardscape products however, do not pose any value for scrap due to their stone material integrity.

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